Property & Asset Recovery Services 2 Our Enforcement Agents are supported by an outstanding team of office-based staff, who work hard behind the scenes to ensure your cases are handled with care and precision. This brochure details the services provided by our dedicated Property & Asset Recovery department. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, our teamwill be happy to help. Wilson & Roe prides itself on being one of the only High Court Enforcement Offices in the country that employs the majority of its Enforcement Agents. Having our own employed team, alongside carefully selected subcontractors across England and Wales, means we are in complete control and are able to ensure the effectiveness and professionalism of each attendance. At Wilson and Roe, we have recently expanded our Property & Asset Recovery team to deliver a faster and more comprehensive service to clients wishing to regain control of property or collect outstanding debt. As part of this we have increased the number, footprint and operating hours of our Enforcement Agents who work throughout England and Wales to ensure our clients’ needs are met. Specialising in evictions, repossessions, asset recovery and post enforcement services, our dedicated Property & Asset Recovery teamwork hard to deliver the results our clients deserve. We work with: 3 Statutory Authorities & Government Agencies 3 Social Housing Providers 3 Property Agents 3 Legal Firms 3 Landowners 3 Insolvency Practitioners 3 Financial Institutions. Towering above the competition Our aim is to remain at the forefront of the industry, to continue to exceed our clients’ expectations and to deliver a high standard of service on each instruction.