Eviction Services

Where a situation has gone beyond the basic need to collect arrears, our dedicated Property Services team can work with clients and instructing parties who have a secured a Possession Order to:

  • Evict residential tenants
  • Evict trespassers, travellers and squatters

We do this through a Writ of Possession, which gives us the power to enter property or land and take the required steps to gain vacant possession on your behalf.

We can also assist landlords, or those acting on their behalf, to remove commercial tenants who have breached the terms of their lease or whose rent is overdue.

Evicting residential tenants

Rather than waiting several weeks or months for County Court Bailiffs to take action, you can apply to the High Court to issue a Writ of Possession.

If your case is issued in the County Court and involves tenants or mortgagors; you will need permission to transfer it to the High Court for enforcement pursuant to Section 42 of the County Court Act 1984. Claims issued in the High Court (typically Proceeds of Crime Act and Bankruptcy) and those against trespassers do not require this permission.

Here at Andrew Wilson & Co, we can assist you with obtaining the requisite permission and will obtain the Writ of possession in a matter of days.

Any named persons will be given notice (typically 7 days) of the eviction. Cases involving squatters or protestors can be executed within 24 hours.

Evicting trespassers from property and land

Having trespassers pitch up and make their home “rent-free” on your land, or within a building you own or manage can be very stressful and frustrating. Andrew Wilson & Co can put you back in control.

We act as Certificated Enforcement Agents (formerly Certificated Bailiffs) on behalf of landowners in both the public and private sector.

Using our nationwide team of Agents, we serve eviction notices (typically within 1-24 hours) requiring the trespasser(s) to vacate the land and remove any tents, vehicles or personal belongings. Failure to vacate will result in our team, along with removal vehicles and the Police (where necessary), taking enforcement action.

Whilst private landowners and some public bodies are limited to Common Law or Possession Orders – local authorities can instruct us to serve Section 77 notices and enforce Section 78 orders from the Magistrates Court.

Contact our Property Services team for a bespoke quotation and security recommendations for preventing re-occupation.

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