Asset Recovery using Writ of Delivery

We are authorised to recover specific goods and assets across England and Wales using a Writ of Delivery. From vehicles to machinery and computer equipment, our Enforcement Agents can recover all manner of items on your/your client’s behalf, however big, small or complex they are to move. We have a fleet of removal vehicles at our disposal and can also offer storage, delivery and auction facilities.

What is a Writ of Delivery?

A Writ of Delivery gives Wilson & Roe the authority to seize specific assets or goods and return them to the claimant, or to recover their assessed value.

Sometimes the Writ issued by the Court does not give the defendant the option of retaining the goods by paying their assessed value. In these cases, it is known as a Writ of specific Delivery.

We can enforce a Writ of Delivery to:

  • Recover assets and goods that have been rented, leased or sold on finance after the customer defaulted on repayments.
  • Collect legal documents and records.
  • Take back personal possessions not returned after a divorce settlement.

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Apply for a Writ of Delivery

You can apply for a Writ of Delivery by completing our online instruction form.

For a Writ of Delivery, there is a court fee of £78. Please complete the instruction form via the download link below.

In other types of cases, there may be a contractual right for you to recover your goods. For example, under a Hire Purchase Agreement without applying to Court. Please contact us for more information.