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Promotion at Wilson & Roe for Stephanie Shaw

Sep 9, 2021

Category: News

We are delighted to announce that in just under two years since joining Wilson & Roe, most of which involved remote working during the pandemic, Stephanie Shaw has been promoted to Senior Client Relationship Manager and Head of Development & Training.

End of Q2 Update from Managing Director, Sarah Roscoe

Jul 13, 2021

Category: News

With the second quarter having come to an end, the start of Q3 has seen the team at Andrew Wilson & Co. busy preparing for the 2nd of August 2021 as we transition to the new way of charging VAT on High Court Enforcement Officer fees.

Protection for Commercial Tenants Not Paying Rent Extended

Jun 23, 2021

Category: News

With the recent Government announcement that existing measures to protect commercial tenants from eviction are to be extended to 25th March 2022, alongside the restriction on the use of the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) process, we are continuing to support our clients as best we can.

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