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Successful Eviction of Trespassers at a School

July 26, 2022

Category: Case Study

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Our highly experienced Enforcement Agent, Kevin Thomas, has led another successful eviction – this time involving trespassers on a school field in Lancashire.

Last month, we were informed by the local council that approximately six caravans/motorhomes were pitched up on the grounds of the school, resulting in the school having to close. It was therefore absolutely crucial that the occupants were removed as quickly as possible to enable the school to reopen.

On 17th June, Chris Miller, our Property Services Manager, made an initial visit to the site to assess the situation and to serve notice on the occupants, giving them 24 hours to vacate.

He noted there were six caravans/motorhomes, four dogs, four horses and multiple vehicles and trailers.

The next day, we were advised the occupants had failed to vacate and we were instructed to re-attend as a matter of urgency.

The following morning our Enforcement team arrived, led by Kevin, who spoke to the occupants explaining the reason for the attendance and informing them that they would need to leave the land immediately.

After further discussions, the occupants confirmed they would cooperate so Kevin allowed them until 12:00 to pack up their belongings and move on.

By 11:45, the occupants had vacated in convoy and Kevin affixed the relevant notices to the perimeter fence. The school was able to reopen the next day.

Chris Miller, Property Services Manager, said: "Our Enforcement Team work tremendously hard each day to make sure our clients get the results they deserve - even if that means working weekends and at all hours. Thank you to Kevin and the rest of the team for their great work on this job."

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