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Towering above the competition

Jun 22, 2014

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We are proud to announce that the Ministry of Justice statistics have recently been released and, once again, it has placed Andrew Wilson & Co as the leading independent High Court Enforcement Office in England & Wales, based on the number of writs received during 2013. The statistics show that we have increased our market share to 17% having received 12,800 writs during the year. That's an impressive 5% increase in market share in just four years, which is all the more remarkable as a number of companies have merged or been taken over during that period.

The reason for our continued success is partly because we specialise solely in High Court Enforcement, rather than diluting our skills by covering the whole range of bailiff services. We also employ our bailiff team rather than subcontract our work, giving us greater accountability and control.

It is also because we constantly review every aspect of our service in order to improve, even when we are already the best in the business.

Another reason is that we remain totally focused on delivering excellent results for our clients by providing a fast, high quality service in order to maximise the recovery of cash.

This approach has certainly delivered results and helped us to remain the most successful High Court Enforcement Office in terms of service delivery and recovery for our clients.

It's down to the loyalty of our customers and team that we have been able to support many good causes.
Our dedication to serving the community goes beyond business, we are passionate about supporting people in need.

We are proud to support the following charities: