Livestock & Equine Removal

We act on behalf of local authorities and private landowners to remove abandoned or illegally grazing horses and livestock in accordance with the Animals Act (amended by the Control of Horses Act 2015).

We recommend serving an abandonment notice in the first instance to allow the livestock owners every opportunity for a swift, cost-effective conclusion.

Upon expiry of the notice, our team will be deployed to carry out welfare checks and arrange any vaccinations, microchipping, duplicate passports and veterinary assessments for travel purposes. A detainment notice is served and the animals are safely removed and re-housed by our charitable partners.

Illegally grazing horses often come with the added problem of stables, enclosures, fencing and other structures that have been built without consent. We will remove these and clear all waste from the site, helping you to restore your land to its former state. We can also work with you to secure the land.

Please complete the instruction form via the link below or contact us for more information.

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