Judgment Enforcement

We are authorised by the Ministry of Justice Lord Chancellor's department to enforce all High Court and County Court Judgment debts over £600. Once the Judgment is in place, simply send it to us and we will do the rest.

Let Us Manage Judgment Enforcement For You

If you have a County Court Judgment and want us to enforce it for you, we need to transfer it up to the High Court for enforcement and obtain a Writ of Control on your behalf. You will need to pay a £71 fee to the Court for this.

Simply send the Judgment Order to us along with a completed Application Form.

We will then take over the matter by completing Form N293A (Combined Certificate of Judgment and Request for Writ of Control or Writ of Possession) and getting it stamped at Court.

Alternatively, if you have a County Court Judgment and a Form N293A with Part 1 already completed and Part 2 stamped by the County Court, send both documents to us with a completed Application Form.

If you are the claimant and have an unsatisfied County Court (or any other Court) Judgment or Order and don’t know what to do next, you can send it to us with an Application Form completed as far as you can. We will then get in touch to explain the process.

If you have anything other than a County Court Judgment, it is probably quicker to call us first on 0161 925 1800 and speak to one of our High Court Enforcement Officers.

You will also need to contact us to make a payment of £71 to cover the Court fee. If you are a claimant in person you will need to pay a further fee of £90 (£75 + vat) to us, which we will refund if we make a successful recovery.

If you have already obtained a sealed Writ of Control from the Court relating to your Judgment and would like us to enforce it, send it to us with a completed Application Form, along with a payment of £90 if you are a claimant in person. Again this money will be refunded to you in the event of a successful recovery.

Our Transfer Up Service is free, but above all it is fast and efficient.

The Judgment Enforcement Process

Once we are in receipt of the Writ of Control we will forward a Notice of Enforcement to the debtor giving them seven clear days’ notice to pay. During this notice period we ask that if the debtor contacts you, you refer them back to us. If the debtor does not pay the debt in full within this notice period, the case will be assigned to one of our Enforcement Agents for a first attendance at their address.

All our attendances are documented with photographic evidence uploaded to our system in real time and forward to you forthwith. This demonstrates how we invest to ensure the best service on each instruction.

We aim to recover debt in full on the first attendance and funds collected will be released to you after fourteen days in compliance with the Insolvency Act 1986.

What You Can Expect From Us

We conduct extensive in house investigations to find out additional information that will enhance the prospect of a recovery.

We will make available to our Enforcement Agents the most current information on a business or individual ahead of and during their attendance.

Our activity in support of enforcement is extensive and includes;

  • Identification of business opening hours
  • Researching director and shareholder information and addresses
  • Locating alternative trading premises
  • Social and other media searches
  • DVLA, Companies House and Land Registry searches

At your request we will hold regular management team meetings with you, at your office or ours', to review performance statistics and service delivery.

Our in-house solicitor, Andrew Wilson, is on hand to offer guidance and manage complex situations and disputes, thereby minimising the impact on your internal resource.

Finally, we have more people available for more time, and engage with debtors directly rather than through automated call centre lines. We know this personal approach is one of a number of elements that makes us better at recovering more money.

Find Out More

Please email bryan.hurrell@wilsonandroe.com or call 0161 925 1800

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