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End of Q2 Update from Managing Director, Sarah Roscoe

July 13, 2021

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With the second quarter having come to an end, the start of Q3 has seen the team at Andrew Wilson & Co. busy preparing for the 2nd of August 2021 as we transition to the new way of charging VAT on High Court Enforcement Officer fees.

Find out more about the VAT changes here:

We are still seeing less County Court Judgments (CCJs) coming through for enforcement than in previous years, however, with the financial support the government has been providing, we are finding debtors are continuing to pay.

In June, we were instructed to enforce our biggest judgment debt since covid (£166,000). Our Bailiff Manager, Tina Webber Rostron, led the operation involving four of our Enforcement Team, resulting in a successful outcome for the Claimant.

June also saw the lifting of the restrictions on Enforcement Agents entering residential properties. Being able to enter houses to recover debt has already had a positive effect and increased successful outcomes for our clients, therefore, we would encourage Creditors to continue to pursue their debts.

We are not seeing an increase in Writs of Control; however, we are seeing an increase in instructions to remove travellers from land across both the North and South of England. During the last two weeks of June, we served three eviction notices to various sets of travellers and in all three cases the travellers moved on within 24 hours.

The most recent eviction of travellers happened during the Wales v Denmark match. We served the notice within two hours of being instructed and the travellers had vacated by full-time – quick and efficient work from our professional and dedicated team.

As the industry continues to recover from the challenges presented by the pandemic, I look forward to a prosperous Q3.

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