Process Serving

We offer a range of process serving facilities throughout England and Wales via our professional Enforcement Agents to suit urgent requests and bulk requirements such as service of trespasser possession proceedings and bulk service of Section 8/21 claims.

We can assist with issuing your trespasser claim and serving documents in accordance with CPR Part 55. We typically undertake a risk assessment when serving notice of hearing and provide you with a bespoke quotation, should eviction be necessary.

Why wait weeks or months for a County Court Bailiff to take action?

After expiry of your Section 8/21 notice, you can apply for permission to transfer the matter to the High Court for enforcement at the outset of your possession claim (pursuant to Section 42 of the County Court Act 1984). We recommend including a witness statement and draft order as to why the case merits enforcement in the High Court, such as County Court Bailiff delays or the debt surpassing the County Court limit of £5,000.

Here at Wilson & Roe, we can assist you with obtaining the requisite permission and have a selection of templates available on request.

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