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New Year Update from Managing Director, Sarah Roscoe: Start as we mean to go on

February 8, 2022

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What a start to the year! It’s been crazy busy and long may it continue. I hope in 2022 we start to see lots of positives for those impacted over the last two very challenging years.

Our Biggest December Yet

We never actually stopped over Christmas. Our big wheels kept on turning, with December 2021 becoming our best December on record in terms of new instructions and collections.

Despite many businesses slowing down, we couldn’t! We continued to work hard to recover money for our clients.

Celebrating 13 Years

December was also the month that marked my 13th year anniversary here.

Over the years, I've seen the business grow from strength to strength with the implementation of higher standards, new systems and a number of key appointments. Most importantly, the greatest thing for me has been seeing our future enter our doors as new employees come onboard.

Whilst our team has continued to grow, many have also been with us from the start of my time here. Adele Storey, Amanda Younie, Gill Barrett and Karli Durrant are all names our clients will recognise and appreciate.

We also have clients that have been with us since our early years, and I would like to thank them for their lasting partnerships, friendships and continued trust in us – it's been a tough two years for both our business and our clients and I'm glad we have been able to support one another.

Those who know me recognise that I am passionate about delivering the best results and service in the High Court Enforcement industry. By remaining focused on this level of excellence, we have continued to see strong financial results year on year.

It's certainly been a busy and incredibly rewarding 13 years.

Increased Service & Improved Work/Life Balance

This year, our aim is to build and strengthen our team, not only so our clients can benefit, but to also alleviate pressure on our people. We want our employees to maintain high levels of service delivery whilst improving their own work life balance; ensuring they have time to look after their physical health and mental wellbeing and spend time with their families and friends.

Join our team

As part of growing our team, we are currently hiring for:

  • Enforcement Case Handlers
  • Client Relationship Managers
  • Telephone Collectors
  • Northern-based Enforcement Agents

If you would like to meet for a catch up or run through any aspect of our services, please get in touch with myself or our team by emailing or calling 0161 925 1800.

It's down to the loyalty of our customers and team that we have been able to support many good causes.
Our dedication to serving the community goes beyond business, we are passionate about supporting people in need.

We are proud to support the following charities: